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†Princess Elena†

[this is good] My love, what have i ever done to deserve such a wonderful man, always always filled with so much love in him? It's only with you that i ever get to taste the real goodness in life, no matter how hard my life can be, i know i can always come running back to you. Because i know at the end of the day, you'll be standing there, waiting for me, looking at me with those eyes, with that captivating smile, opening your arms real wide, saying "I am here for you, my love". I know i can never find someone like you, your love, your presence have completed that hole, it always stitches back whatever pain i have inflicted. Leon, you are the reason why i have so much strength and willpower to go on. If you're not here, i think i have lost myself. I won't let you go, my precious love. I see happiness in you, if you do go...i can never breathe as freely as i am now. I want to grow old with you. I love you so much, so much that i will go lifeless even if dont you leave traces of your existence behind. That is how much i need you. Only both of us, know these feelings inside. We are one, my love. Never forget that.

You'll always remain my true love, my charming prince and compassionate husband. 

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